Wait for city and state ABC approvals

So, let’s recap: you have a signed lease, you have a liquor license in escrow and you have filed your city and state applications. You are now in a waiting period of around 60-90 days during which the state liquor board and local zoning agency do their investigative work. FBI background checks, site inspections, public hearings and many other steps are being taken, one at a time. During this time, assuming you’ve retained us to handle your applications, we’re busy interfacing with local police departments, city zoning staff, neighborhood groups and state investigators to ensure that your application is moving forward. This phase of the process is where our staff plugs into the current of goodwill we’ve built up over the last 29 years on behalf of our clients. We handle any questions or issues that arise, and we stay deeply connected with all the key players, freeing you to attend to the many other issues on your plate.

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